Results of the 123 Four Seasons Hat Tournament (Edition Winter 2017)

Flugfeld Tempelhof

1.Phil Krüger – Stefan Dünkel – Ilka Simon (167,6 pts)
2.Anton Capelmann – Wu Wunder – Philipp Sherwood (156,3 pts)
3.Bianca Strunz – Jakub Kostel – Oli Petrus (135,4)
4.Freddy Finner, Joni Kriss, Benny Audet (131,9 pts)
5.Thomas Nötzel – Toby Künzel – Harry (Tom) Goltz (128,6 pts)
6.Andre Zaharias – Marc Pestotnik – Mördi Hosseinian (127,9 pts)
7.Andy Absolom – Makki Hein – Jan Sörensen (111,3 pts)
8.Johanna Mattiä – Jessie S. – Sophie Rickers (95,4 pts)
9.Anna Merlo – Stephan Stoll – Wowa Wagner (90,8 pts)

See Stephan’s awesome shots from this memorable day of jamming

See Ron Kretschmann’s Photos on Flickr


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