Results of the 123 Four Seasons Hat Tournament (Edition Winter 2020)

08.02.2020 Berlin, Tempelhofer Feld

Congratulations to Kuba and Tymek for winning this tournament! We hope to see you guys soon again!

Due to some technical Issues, the results of the semifinals are not available yet. We’ll try to recover and post them as soon as possible.


  1. Tymek Wrotek – Kuba Radwanski (121,47 pts.)
  2. Freddy Finner – Benjamin Edelmann (108,45 pts.)
  3. Benedicte Audet – Mateusz Gajewski (89,52 pts.)
  4. Anton Capellmann – Woo Wunder (86,41 pts.)
  5. Dennis Vollmer – Waldemar Wagner (83,05 pts.)
  6. Marc Pestotnik – Alexander Enhuber (83,05 pts.)

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