Four Seasons Hat Tournament


yo (1 von 1)-5The Four Seasons Hat Tounament has long tradition in Berlin. It started all with the first Berlin Hat in 2006; followed by the Berlin Hat 2007. Due to the huge success and growing interest in casual and easy events the Berlin Jammers decided to make the Four Seasons Hat Tournament series, i.e., one Hat Tournament every Season. 2008 was the first year with a Spring, a Summer, an Autumn and a Winter Edition with many guest Jammers from all over the World.

Since the Berlin Jammers love the Jam and tournaments tend to become to competitive we saw the need to modify the judging system to bring back the Jam to competition and to motivate the jammers to go for the crazy stuff. That was the point when the 123 Four Seasons Hat Tournament was born and 2009 was the first year we used the 123 Judging System.

The 123 System was played until the FPA judging system was updated in 2014. The system from 2014 gives more emphasize to difficulty and less to clowning part of artistic impression. Therefore, its just right for the Four Seasons Hat Tournament. Since, Summer 2014 the Four Seasons Hat Tournament is back and the hat is waiting for you to be taken! 

You want to join the fun? The dates for the next two edition are announced at

See you in Berlin!