Results of the 123 Four Seasons Hat Tournament (Edition Winter 2012)

29th Januar 2012
Berlin Tempelhof

Hello Frisbee-family,

this years winter edition of our hat tourney took place at Tempelhof airfield. Conditions were fantastic for winter: it was dry all day and as we left the jamspot, the first snow in Berlin this winter covered the ground in light white.

DSC_0234Photo by: Anton Capellmann

there was a slight, mostly friendly breeze all day long. the main challenge was the temperature of -5 °C (~25°F). But all jammers enjoyed themselves for up to 5 hrs of jammin’! Amazing atmosphere with all these crazy people…

We played one round, random teams were picked from the hat, directly went to the arena and their run was filmed. In the evening we met @ Crucible Theatre, Korsobad Berlin, which hosted us and gave us their place for video judging on a huge screen, eating and having a couple of drinks… Thanks for that!

Thanks also to Irena and Mystic Jammer, who again came all the way from Prague to join us for the winter jam!

Here the results… we have new champions now!

congrats to Bo and Stefan, who had a nice flowing jam :
Winner_Winter_2012Photo by: Anton Capellmann
Rang Teams Points
1. Boguslav Bul + Stefan Dünkel 27,75
2. Jörg “Woo” Wunder + Markus “Makki” Hein 25,15
3. Anton Capellmann + Philipp Ludwig 24,95
4. Jan Schreck + Philipp Krüger 24,60
5. Jason Mc Glade + Marc Pestotnik 24,25
6. Jakub Mystic Matula + Thomas Nötzel 21,47
7. Irena Kulisanova + Christina Kunze 18,35

Spirit of the game: Mystic ( who joins us at least every second hat tournament!)

Mystic_Jammer_Winter_2012Photo by: Anton Capellmann

hope to see u in Berlin for the spring edition….

take care Marc