Results of the 123 Four Seasons Hat Tournament (Edition Winter 2019)

Photo by Ron Kretschmann

Semi Pool A
1. Mördi/Kuba EX 8,20/AI 17,00/DIFF 22,50/TOT 47,70
2. James/Alex EX 8,20/AI 15,00/DIFF 24,00/TOT 47,20
3. Wu/Benno EX 8,20/AI 16,00/DIFF 21,00/TOT 45,20
4. Marc/Char EX 7,15/AI 13,00/DIFF 13,50/TOT 33,65

Semi Pool B
1. Dünk/Freddy EX 8,20/AI 15,00/DIFF 22,50/TOT 45,70
2. Nötzi/Waldi EX 7,90/AI 13,00/DIFF 24,00/TOT 44,90
3. Anton/Benni EX 7,60/AI 10,50/DIFF 14,25/TOT 32,35
4. Harry/Starsky EX 7,00/AI 9,00/DIFF 12,00/TOT 28,00
5. Daniel/Cotton EX 6,40/AI 8,50/DIFF 9,75/TOT 24,65

1. Mördi/Kuba EX 16,70/AI 14,50/DIFF 23,40/TOT 54,60
2. Dünk/Freddy EX 14,50/AI 16,00/DIFF 24,00/TOT 54,50
3. Wu/Benno EX 15,90/AI 12,00/DIFF 25,50/TOT 53,40
4. James/Alex EX 13,80/AI 13,50/DIFF 24,00/TOT 51,30
5. Nötzi/Waldi EX 12,40/AI 11,00/DIFF 22,50/TOT 45,90
6. Anton/Benni EX 14,00/AI 10,50/DIFF 19,50/TOT 44,00

Watch Fabi’s Video of the Sunday-Jam on Youtube, Ron’s Photos on Flickr and Antons Photos on WordPress

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