Spiritcamp 2015 Results

Spiritcamp 2015
Feriendorf Eisenberg, Germany

Open Pairs Semifinals

Pool A
1.Florian Hess/Freddy Finner (TOT47.5/EX14.4/AI12.8/DIFF20.3)
2.Pablo Azul/Robert Dittrich (TOT42.7/EX14.1/AI11.9/DIFF16.7)
3.Bianca Strunz/Kolja Hannemann (TOT41.0/EX15.0/AI11.1/DIFF14.9)
4.Greg Marter/Simon Faber (TOT27.8/EX11.7/AI6.6/DIFF9.5)

Pool B
1.Waldemar Wagner/Alex Leist (TOT47.0/EX16.6/AI13.4/DIFF17.0)
2.Sascha Scherzinger/Harald Skomroch (TOT43.9/EX12.3/AI13.7/DIFF17.9)
3.Johanna Matthiä/Mehrdad Hosseinian (TOT38.3/EX11.3/AI11.1/DIFF15.9)
4.Philipp Luniak/Stephan Dünkel (TOT36.9/EX11.5/AI9.5/DIFF15.9)

Open Pairs Finals

1.Florian Hess/Freddy Finner (TOT48.06/EX17.1/AI13.66/DIFF17.3)
2.Sascha Scherzinger/Harald Skomroch (TOT47.61/EX15.4/AI13.91/DIFF18.3)
3.Waldemar Wagner/Alex Leist (TOT44.31/EX15.7/AI12.83/DIFF15.6)
4.Pablo Azul/Robert Dittrich (TOT43.81/EX15.1/AI11.9/DIFF16.8)

Spirit of the Jam

Pablo Azul


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