2015 German Open


Berlin Tempelhof, 15.-17.5.2015

Co-op Finals
1.Florian Hess/Christian Lamred/Alex Leist – EX15.1/AI13.9/DIF16.0/TOT45.0
2.Jan Schreck/Freddy Finner/Sascha Höhne – EX13.7/AI12.3/DIF18.4/TOT44.4
3.Anton Capellmann/Bianca Strunz/Pavel Baranyk – EX13.1/AI9.1/DIF17.7/TOT39.9
4.Thomas Nötzel/Jan Soerensen/Jakub Kostel – EX12.4/AI10.9/DIF14.5/TOT37.8
5.Woo Wunder/Jens Friebe/Waldemar Wagner – EX11.4/AI8.3/DIF14.7/TOT34.4
6.Tom Goltz/Benjamin Edelmann/Markus Hein – (scratched before Finals)

Pairs Finals
1.Florian Hess/Alexander Leist – EX18.8/AI16.5/DIF17.0/TOT52.3
2.Robert Dittrich/Christian Lamred – EX16.1/AI15./DIF18.0/TOT49.2
3.Mehrdad Hosseinian/Stefan Dünkel – EX16.4/AI14.7/DIF117.7/TOT48.8
4.Jakub Kostel/Freddy Finner – EX13.9/AI9.9/DIF18.5/TOT42.3
5.Thomas Nötzel/Jan Schreck – EX14.4/AI9.3/DIF15.7/TOT39.4
6.Daniel Sorgatz/Sascha Höhne – EX13.3/AI9.3/DIF14.3/TOT36.9
7.Ilka Simon/Johanna Matthiä – EX12.5/AI9.3/DIF13.7/TOT35.5
8.Benjamin Edelmann/Fabian Dinklage – EX9.1/AI6.5/DIF11.5/TOT27.1

Mixed Pairs Finals
1.Anna Bragagnolo/Mehrdad Hosseinian – EX17.4/AI12.1/DIF14.9/TOT44.4
2.Ilka Simon/Jan Schreck – EX16.5/AI10.4/DIF16.5/TOT43.4
3.Johanna Matthiä/Freddy Finner – EX14.7/AI11.5/DIF16.2/TOT42.4
4.Sophie Wolf/Toby Künzel – EX15.6/AI11.8/DIF14.2/TOT41.6
5.Bianca Strunz/Sascha Höhne – EX13.6/AI10.5/DIF13.8/TOT37.9
6.Irena Kulisanova/Benjamin Edelmann – EX12.6/AI9.3/DIF14.1/TOT36.0
7.Katrin Schmeisser/Udo Engeter – EX11.0/AI4.8/DIF7.0/TOT22.8

Co-op Semi Pool A
1.Florian Hess/Christian Lamred/Alex Leist – EX16.3/AI16.7/DIF14.6/TOT47.6
2.Thomas Nötzel/Jan Soerensen/Jakub Kostel – EX12.8/AI15.3/DIF15.5/TOT43.6
3.Tom Goltz/Benjamin Edelmann/Markus Hein – EX10.3/AI11.7/DIF15.8/TOT37.8
4.Mehrdad Hosseinian/Philipp Krüger/Stefan Dünkel – EX8.8/AI10.0/DIF17.5/TOT36.3

Co-op Semi Pool B
1.Anton Capellmann/Bianca Strunz/Pavel Baranyk – EX14.0/AI13.3/DIF17.1/TOT44.4
2.Jan Schreck/Freddy Finner/Sascha Höhne – EX11.3/AI16.0/DIF16.1/TOT43.4
3.Woo Wunder/Jens Friebe/Waldemar Wagner – EX11.7/AI9.7/DIF15.2/TOT36.6
4T.Irena Kulisanova/Toby Künzel/Robert Dittrich – EX9.0/AI7.5/DIF14.1/TOT30.6
4T.Greg Marter/Marc Pestotnik/Jakub Sedlak – EX10.1/AI6.8/DIF13.7/TOT30.6

Pairs Semi Pool A
1.Florian Hess/Alexander Leist – EX17.2/AI12.1/DIF17.4/TOT46.7
2.Daniel Sorgatz/Sascha Höhne – EX16.5/AI11.2/DIF15.6/TOT43.3
3.Thomas Nötzel/Jan Schreck – EX15.6/AI10.5/DIF15.9/TOT42.0
4.Ilka Simon/Johanna Matthiä – EX13.9/AI9.8/DIF14.2/TOT37.9
5.Woo Wunder/Pavel Baranyk – EX11.0/AI8.8/DIF15.8/TOT35.6
6.Anton Capellmann/Philipp Krüger – EX9.8/AI8.8/DIF4.4/TOT33.0
7.Sophie Wolf/Anna Bragagnolo – EX13.8/AI7.7/DIF11.0/TOT32.5
8.Nico Schwarz/Udo Engeter – EX9.0/AI8.0/DIF11.8/TOT28.8
9.Chris Bellaj/Jakub Sedlak – EX13.1/AI6.4/DIF8.3/TOT27.8

Pairs Semi Pool B
1.Mehrdad Hosseinian/Stefan Dünkel – EX15.8/AI13.4/DIF18.0/TOT47.2
2.Robert Dittrich/Christian Lamred – EX14.3/AI12.9/DIF17.3/TOT44.5
3.Jakub Kostel/Freddy Finner – EX13.4/AI10.9/DIF17.3/TOT41.6
4.Benjamin Edelmann/Fabian Dinklage – EX14.0/AI11.1/DIF15.6/TOT40.7
5.Greg Marter/Jan Soerensen – EX16.1/AI10.5/DIF13.6/TOT40.2
6.Markus Hein/Marc Pestotnik – EX13.0/AI8.8/DIF16.2/TOT38.0
7.Irena Kulisanova/Tom Goltz – EX12.4/AI9.8/DIF14.3/TOT36.5
8.Toby Künzel/Jens Friebe – EX12.3/AI8.3/DIF14.9/TOT35.5
9.Stephan Stoll/Sören Dietrich – EX8.7/AI4.8/DIF10.9/TOT24.4


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