Results of the Four Seasons Hat Tournament – Edition Spring 2015

Congratulations to the Winners of the Spring Edition, Jason, Woo and Mehrdad!

By winning all 4 Seasons in a row with changing team partners, Mehrdad completes the classic Berlin-Jammers Grand Slam. He had already completed his career Grand Slam by winning the last Fall Edition 2014.

Try to stop him and join us for the Summer Edition in July!


1. Woo Wunder, Jason McGlade, Mehrdad Hosseinian (71,5)

2. Marc Pestotnik, Jan Soerensen, Freddy Finner (70,49)

3. Irena Kulisanova, Markus Hein, Jiri Weiss (63,71)

4. Bianca Strunz, Jan Schreck, Kolja Hannemann (62,4)

5. Benjamin Edelmann, Tom “Harry” Goltz, Anton Capellmann (62,28)

6. Jakub Kostel, Jonathan Kriss, Lukas Zimovcak (48,46)

7. Sascha Höhne, Thomas Nötzel, Greg Marter (58,21) (Scratched after Semis and Greg has been replaced by Philipp Krüger)

Photos from Stephan Stoll on


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