Four Seasons Hat Tournament (winter edition 2015)

Every mile is two in winter, nevertheless we jammed until the sun went down.

Frisbeelovers from all over europe came to play the first Hat-Tournament-Edition of 2015.

The crew arrived 11.00 am to the announcement of procedure for the day in Berlin Mitte.
At a pleasant temperature of -2 degrees and a nice constant breeze, 19 players met
on the „green carpet“ in front of the Reichstag.

Good vibes were in the air and the nails glued!

Among the crowd were some special guests like twirlmaster Jan Möller Sörensen from kopenhagen, Irena Kulisanova from prag, world champion Ilka Simon
from cologne, Tobias Künzel and Sophie Wolf from munich. Daniel Weinbruch came also from munich, who joined the Hat-Tournament for the first time. Nice dude!


After a little warm-up-jam, Sophie pulled the names out of the hat and
announced the pairs of the tournament. The excitement was easily readable in the faces
of the participants.

The music started to play. The first team began to shred. Philipp Krüger
and Kolja Hahnemann (both Berlin Jammers) showed us some crazy moves in the first round.
Tobias and Ilka had also a great run with a fluent style and remarkable disc control. They go with the flow!

All in one an unforgetable frisbee-event!

The initiators Thomas Nötzel and Mehrdad Hosseinian invited us after a long day of jamming to Paulaners in Alt Moabit to enjoy some traditional bavarian food and beer.
Thank you for that guys!

I also want to thank all participants, the photographers Ron Kretschmann and Stephan Stoll and everyone else who joined us this day! You´re awesome!

We are jamily, my jammers and the meadow and me!

Here you can see the results. Congratulations to Mehrdad Hosseinian and Tom Goltz (me) for the first place.

ZzzzZz ya!


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