Results of the 123 Four Seasons Hat Tournament (Edition Summer 2010)

Geschreiben von: Jan Schreck
Tempelhof, Berlin

 “Hotter then the blazing sun”

The weather was sunny with a little bit of refreshing rain in the evening. The wind was low to medium but constant thanks to the huge open space on the former airfield. Thanks to all jammers who made their way to berlin; the Czech, the Cologne Jammers, the Nuremberg Jammer and the New Brandenburg Jammers.The Berlin Jammers have to new masters of the Summer hat. Congratulations to Lord Mehrdad and Marc, who rockt the finals with highly technical play.Pool A:
1. Philipp Lenarz & Stefan Duenkel
2. Fabio Caruso & Harald Skomroch
3. Anton Capellmann & Thomas Noetzel
4. Markus Hein & Jason McGlade
5. Kolja Hannemann & Tim Pattenberg
6. Jakub Matula & Jiri Weiss

Pool B:
1. Marc Pestotnic & Mehrdad Hosseinian
2. Philipp Ludwig & Waldemar Wagner
3. Woo Wunder & Bianca Strunz
4. Jan Schreck & Philipp Maubach
5. Manuel Zach & Philipp Krueger
6. Tobi Burzan & Sash Hoehne

1. Marc Pestotnic & Mehrdad Hosseinian
2. Fabio Caruso & Harald Skomroch
3. Philipp Ludwig & Waldemar Wagner
4. Philipp Lenarz & Stefan Duenkel
5. Woo Wunder & Bianca Strunz
6. Anton Capellmann & Thomas Noetzel